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Below are steps used to setup an SMS Pro™ portal

Most of these steps don't have to be performed in any particular order.

During initial setup:

>> Send us a list of users to import into the system. If you have many users (more than 20), we can save you considerable time using our bulk user import utility. Fill out this template and send it to us when complete.  Excel Bulk User Import Template

>> Send us a high-resolution logo to put on your portal if you don't like the one we added.

Important: If you or your users are not able to reach your portal's Web address within the first 48 hours, keep checking back in every few hours or so. It takes up to 48 hours for domain names to propagate throughout the Internet. Some networks are faster to refresh than others, (even within the same city). Many times we have setup portals that we've been able to access within a few hours: other times, it requires considerable more time.

>> Change your password by clicking on your name, and editing your profile once logged in.

>> On Setup >> Customize Setting, go to User Roles Setup to determine what permissions you want to give to your users. If you hover over the column headings, tool tips will offer more info.

Your new users will have a "Not Inducted" role when they are created. You will need to determine whether you want to track this SMS element.

You may want to create a new user and give him the Not Inducted role.

The reason to play with the "Not Inducted" role is so you understand the process, as all users should undergo the same process.

>> Please watch the following video on SMS Induction

Training videos are available to ALL YOUR USERS in the "Documentation" menu

>> Other steps to start working on:
  • Review the modules.
  • Add Policy >> Policies & Procedures
  • Add Policy >>Duties & Requirements
  • Add Policy >>Org Chart (image, screenshot or PDF can be used).
  • Add Safety Promotion >> All Employee Letter
  • Add Policy >> Applicable Regulations
  • Change Map (or Disable) on Submit Issue page in Setup >> Customize Settings...Select Division...Initial Settings tab at bottom
  • Watch Understanding Security Roles Video

To successfully implement an SMS program, you need to understand the requirements

To help you understand these requirements, we recommend these tasks:

1. Conduct Gap Analysis under Safety Assurance >> Gap Analysis;

2. Start working through your Implementation Plan using Policy >> Implementation Plan Manager;

3. Review the hazard reporting process;

4. Review the risk management process (Watch all videos for Risk Management >> Issue Manager)

Adding Your Other Divisions

If you have purchased other divisions, consider what you will name them. Divisions may be either geographic (north, south, Asia, South America, etc.) or functional (flight ops, maintenance, ground handling, etc). Divisions are created/managed Setup >> Customize Settings.

You may start considering an SMS Survey. If you need a template, there are a couple on this support site.

At any time you have a problem, please contact us. New portals are customized to client requests.

Thank you for supporting SMS Pro™.